Modbus RTU Protocol Stack

Modbus RTU Protocol Stack



Modbus RTU Protocol Stack

This software bundle addresses the major features of the Modbus RTU standard. It contains modules for connecting either by serial RS485/RS232 or ethernet. It allows your device to me either a master or slave. The following areas are addressed:

Modbus Commands
Read Discrete Inputs
Read Coils
Write Single Coil
Write Multiple Coil
Read Input Register
Read Holding Registers
Write Single Register
Write Multiple Registers
Mask Write Register
Read File Record
Write File Record
Read Device Id

Conditions Of Sale: This product is intended solely for the use of the company who purchases the stack from DakotaSoft Inc. This product (source code) is not to be distributed to any entity outside of the purchasing company. This product is not to be used in any manor inconsistent with the license.


This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee effective during the product development cycle. If we cannot fix any problems that you have with the stack we will refund your money in full.


The money back warranty is effective only during the development of the product. Once a product containing the protocol stack has been sold the money back warranty becomes void.


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